How to Buy a Car


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Avoid Buying a Flooded Car

January, 2018

Floodwaters caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma engulfed up to 650,000 cars in Texas and Florida during 2017. These damaged cars are finding their way onto used-car lots around the country. Make sure you can spot the signs of a flood-damaged car!

Beware of Extended Warranty Scams

March, 2010

Postcards sent through the mail (sometimes even a phone call) from a company called Extended Warranty Services EWS that list the make and model of your car and even list the Customer ID number. The threat of financial liability is the main hook.

Car Buying Wonders

Just turned 16? Want a new car? Anthony gives us a few tips to remember when car shopping. There is more to think about than the model or the color.

Student Editor: 

Car Smart App

Car Smart includes tips and information on how to buy your first used car, and you are able to play fun games as you progress toward your ultimate goal of buying a car! Car Smart will help guide you on what, for most, is the second most important purchase of your life. • See the results from the naming contest

Countdown to Retirement

Get ready to retire. Will you live out the rest of your days in luxury? Will you work until the day you die? It depends on the choices you make in life and how well you manage your money. Choose a character, understand your financial situation and progress into retirement!

Get Into a Car Crash? Don't Get Scammed!

September, 2013

Nearly 33% of automobile insurance claims from accidents are fraudulent, making insurance fraud the second most common scheme behind tax evasion. 

If you get into a minor car accident, there are key steps to take in order to protect yourself.

Getting Around on the Cheap

Many young people have a desire to buy their first new car because it gives them independence and mobility. But, along with that new car will come many large expenses. For young people who have only recently started working, these costs can make owning a new car impossible in the short-term or at the very least, unattractive. Luckily, there are a number of other options for getting around, commonly referred to as alternative-transportation.