Alright we get it. Learning about personal finance isn't always a good time. Fear no more. With all of these games, learning about personal finance will be like taking a vacation to Disneyland. Alright, maybe not that exciting but they might be better than those lengthy lectures from Mom and Dad. The best part -- you can search by topic or recently posted. Kinda cool, huh?


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  • Congratulations! You have graduated from Vampire University! Now it is time for real life… try to manage your new business, pay back your student loan debt, and save for retirement.

  • This 'Finance World' program has been designed to engage your interest with the exciting theme of spies and missions. The visually stimulating interactive games engage you in fun tests of skill whilst allowing you to gradually build financial understanding - without feeling as though you are actively being 'taught'. The games are supported by 'dossiers' (fact sheets) with information about all aspects of personal finance in straightforward, age-appropriate language; together with a glossary explaining financial terms, and case studies that show how the information is relevant to real life.

  • JA Finance Park will randomly assign you a life situation (a job, salary, household size, etc.) represented by a virtual ID card and you will start deciding your expenses! From there, determine how much to spend each month on the things your virtual family needs and additional expenses. You'll be guided through the steps of budget creation and execution and be rewarded by a point system in the process.

  • Get ready to embark on the exciting MoneyIsland mission to save Stone Broke and earn rewards! When you play MoneyIsland, you enter a virtual world that not only makes learning fun, but also tracks and encourages your progress. As you go on quests to fantastic destinations like the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis, you learn real-life principles of financial responsibility.

  • MoneyU is a dynamic, computer-based program that incorporates audio, video, animation, interactive tools, supplemental online articles and activities, and even some humor. Whoever said financial courses are boring has never seen MoneyU! Beyond engaging, we make even the most complex money topics easy to find and understand.
    Cost: $60 or $20 with school.

  • Congratulations! You have been hired as a financial manager! Now, help your clients reach their financial goals.

  • Savings Spree is a fun App with lessons for children ages 7 and up (younger children can play too with a little help). The game teaches kids how the daily lifestyle choices that they make can add up to big savings or big expenses, depending on how they choose to spend (or not spend) their money. Savings Spree shows you that they can SAVE your money for short term goals (like a bike or an MP3 player), SPEND wisely by making more frugal decisions, DONATE to others or INVEST money so it will grow to meet future needs like a college education. Cost: $5.99. Compatibility: iPhone.

  • Tradefields is a game designed to enter the world of trading and share experience among your friends. For starters and experienced users, Tradefields will help you get further market knowledge and who knows, if some day, make you win lots of money in the stock market.

    Cost: free. CompatibilityiOS, Android

  • Join this fantasy trading community and experience the rush that traders feel every day! Wall Street Magnate uses real-world financial information to offer the most realistic and fun fantasy trading experience with current data from all of the major US Stock Exchanges. Best of all, it’s free to download and entirely free to use!

    Cost: Free CompatibilityiOS, Android

    Topic(s): Investing