Alright we get it. Learning about personal finance isn't always a good time. Fear no more. With all of these games, learning about personal finance will be like taking a vacation to Disneyland. Alright, maybe not that exciting but they might be better than those lengthy lectures from Mom and Dad. The best part -- you can search by topic or recently posted. Kinda cool, huh?


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  • Keep your wits about you while managing your own bee farm! You start up a bee farming business with only 3 swarms of bees and $100 cash. Every week, you bring the bees to a forest and show them where the flowers are. The bees will bring nectar back to the beehive and produce honey. Sell honey in BEEDEX market will earn you money to go shopping at Farmer's Co-op for more bees, a bigger honey jar, or a larger beehive. 
    Cost: $2.99. Compatibility: iPad

  • DebtTracker Pro helps you stay on top of your finances by providing a simple interface to keep track of your debt. DebtTracker Pro also features the ability to track a payoff plan for your debt. DebtTracker Pro uses the popular debt snowball system. Pick one of the built-in payment strategies or customize your own. You can even add an "extra payment" and see how much money you can save. Once you've decided on a payment strategy, DebtTracker Pro takes care of the rest by automatically showing the recommended payment amount each month for all of your debts. Cost: free. CompatibilityiOS, Android

  • Enter the fantasy world of Green$treets where you play with a variety of characters, each with their own unique financial and ecological personalities, designed by Tom Hester, creator of Shrek. This app is a revolutionary new way to teach kids ages 5-8 about money and responsibility via fun game play. As kids play, emails are sent to parents, grandparents, educators and other special adults that you designate so you all can share the joy and education as kids.
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

  • Put piggy banks and paper money behind you! iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your finances and learn about saving and spending money. Whether you want to set up a weekly allowance or pay out a special reward, iAllowance handles everything for you with an eye-pleasing and easy-to-use interface.
    Cost:$4.99. Compatibility: iOS

  • JA Finance Park will randomly assign you a life situation (a job, salary, household size, etc.) represented by a virtual ID card and you will start deciding your expenses! From there, determine how much to spend each month on the things your virtual family needs and additional expenses. You'll be guided through the steps of budget creation and execution and be rewarded by a point system in the process.

  • Do you have a list of toys and items you would like to buy and don’t know when you can buy them? Maybe you have saved some gift money from Christmas and your birthday, and now wondering what you can afford to buy. You can use Kids Money to calculate when you can afford the things you want. Kids Money is a great way to learn about savings and pocket money management. It is fun and playful way to learn about the value of Money.
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

  • MoneyU is a dynamic, computer-based program that incorporates audio, video, animation, interactive tools, supplemental online articles and activities, and even some humor. Whoever said financial courses are boring has never seen MoneyU! Beyond engaging, we make even the most complex money topics easy to find and understand.
    Cost: $60 or $20 with school.

  • Navigate your way through the choppy seas of personal finance with this free app from the UK’s leading financial education charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group). Type in your question or key word and Booty, your pirate guide, will give you an answer. But watch out – he’s a joker is that Booty. You will need to shake some sense into him to see his treasured knowledge…
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

    Topic(s): Goals, Insurance 101, Saving
  • In the current financial climate, it's important that your kids understand the value of money and the responsibilities necessary in handling it; but is there a best way to engage them on how to make the right choices with their money? That's the purpose of P2K Money. This is an easy-to-use iPhone app for parents to teach their kids about managing money with tools that allow you to oversee budgeting, spending, savings, and a wish list. 
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

  • Congratulations! You have been hired as a financial manager! Now, help your clients reach their financial goals.

  • In a world deep under the dea, the greedy Kelp King has crushed your family's candy shop. Only you can restore it to greatness. Dive for exotic ingredients and treasures! Face angry sea creatures! Discover new recipes and secret places! Hand with your friends and reclaim the top spot from the Kelp King!