Alright we get it. Learning about personal finance isn't always a good time. Fear no more. With all of these games, learning about personal finance will be like taking a vacation to Disneyland. Alright, maybe not that exciting but they might be better than those lengthy lectures from Mom and Dad. The best part -- you can search by topic or recently posted. Kinda cool, huh?


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  • What does your ideal life (education, job, spouse, house, kids, and entertainment) look like from a financial perspective? How will your earning and spending choices affect everything you want to do in your life? The Life Simulation makes it really easy to understand where all of the money goes in life. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and the program will do the math for you. Are you ready to play?

  • MoneyU is a dynamic, computer-based program that incorporates audio, video, animation, interactive tools, supplemental online articles and activities, and even some humor. Whoever said financial courses are boring has never seen MoneyU! Beyond engaging, we make even the most complex money topics easy to find and understand.
    Cost: $60 or $20 with school.

  • The perfect app to help you learn how to count and use money. The app teaches the differences between the coins and how they relate to each other. Fun exercises are included. After the initial instructions you will be able to purchase virtual products using a very fun vending machine. The machine show the coins roll down into the machine. Random purchase items make for hours of learning fun.
    Cost: $0.99, Compatibility: Android

  • Navigate your way through the choppy seas of personal finance with this free app from the UK’s leading financial education charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group). Type in your question or key word and Booty, your pirate guide, will give you an answer. But watch out – he’s a joker is that Booty. You will need to shake some sense into him to see his treasured knowledge…
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

    Topic(s): Goals, Insurance 101, Saving
  • The consumer jungle can be scary... learn how to be “OnGuard” and protect yourself.


  • In the current financial climate, it's important that your kids understand the value of money and the responsibilities necessary in handling it; but is there a best way to engage them on how to make the right choices with their money? That's the purpose of P2K Money. This is an easy-to-use iPhone app for parents to teach their kids about managing money with tools that allow you to oversee budgeting, spending, savings, and a wish list. 
    Cost: free. Compatibility: iOS

  • Congratulations! You have been hired as a financial manager! Now, help your clients reach their financial goals.

  • In a world deep under the dea, the greedy Kelp King has crushed your family's candy shop. Only you can restore it to greatness. Dive for exotic ingredients and treasures! Face angry sea creatures! Discover new recipes and secret places! Hand with your friends and reclaim the top spot from the Kelp King!

  • Savings Spree is a fun App with lessons for children ages 7 and up (younger children can play too with a little help). The game teaches kids how the daily lifestyle choices that they make can add up to big savings or big expenses, depending on how they choose to spend (or not spend) their money. Savings Spree shows you that they can SAVE your money for short term goals (like a bike or an MP3 player), SPEND wisely by making more frugal decisions, DONATE to others or INVEST money so it will grow to meet future needs like a college education. Cost: $5.99. Compatibility: iPhone.

  • Take a test run of your future. Can you afford all of your needs AND wants?

    Topic(s): Spending Plans
  • Shop online a lot? Discover what so many of our users say is "a must-have app for online shoppers." Discover your ThingerprintTM- your personalized shopping DNA. Are you a Gadget Geek or a Sharp Dresser? What you buy says a lot about who you are! See how much you spend online and on which categories and items.
    Cost: free. CompatibilityiOS, Android

  • Are you wondering how important emergency savings is? Take the Spent challenge to find out.