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Avoid Buying a Flooded Car

January, 2018

Floodwaters caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma engulfed up to 650,000 cars in Texas and Florida during 2017. These damaged cars are finding their way onto used-car lots around the country. Make sure you can spot the signs of a flood-damaged car!

Store Credit Cards

December, 2017

Did you know that opening up too many credit cards can hurt your credit score? Applying for a new credit card creates a hard inquiry on your credit report and also lowers the average age of your available credit which can make it appear that you are in financial need; both of these factors will likely knock a few points off your credit score.

Payday Loans

November, 2017

Payday loans are designed to look like a quick fix to a financial pinch that will be paid back in a week or two. When unplanned expenses add up, many borrowers fail to repay the payday loan within two weeks and get hit with astronomical interest rates considered preposterous even when compared to credit cards.

Equifax Data Breach

October, 2017

Equifax - one of America's 3 major credit reporting agencies had a security breach in 2017.

Hackers accessed addresses names and Social Security numbers, which means 143 million Americans had their personal information stolen. Find out if you were exposed.

Loan Scams

September, 2017

A loan scammer may contact you using the name of a reputable loan company, but don't be fooled by the promise of a super low interest rate and fast cash. Watch for red flags!

Work Place Scams

July, 2017

Scammers will find out the name and email address of the person who orders office supplies to create a fake invoice. They will send unordered office supplies followed by an invoice with outrageous prices to that person. Beware!

Fraudulent Ticket Scams

June, 2017

Scam artists prepare to take advantage of us when we go to purchase concert and sports tickets. Protect yourslef from these online fraudsters.

Student Debt Crisis

May, 2017

The inability of many students to repay their student loans is a looming crisis in America. Now an increasing number of student loan borrowers are defaulting on their loans. When a default occurs, many people are unaware how serious the ramifications are. When a Federal student loan defaults, the Government has ways of making sure it gets its money paid back eventually.


Smartphone Scams

February, 2017

Studies have shown that people are three times more likely to respond to spam that is delivered to their smartphone than that which is delivered to their personal computer.

Medical Identity Theft

January, 2017

Your personal health insurance information and social security number are valuable and easily made useful to a clever thief, especially a desperate drug addict. Your medical identity is a commodity that can be hijacked and used to falsify insurance claims or to fraudulently acquire government benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Beware of Phishing on Phacebook

November, 2016

Many smart people are falling for Facebook scams because they think the site is well policed and won’t allow fraudsters on board. But scammers are upping their game with improved schemes that look like legitimate posts from reputable companies. Be on the lookout for these 3 Facebook scams.

Generosity Sometimes Leads to Additional Victims

October, 2016

In past times of disaster, fraudulent donation schemes were triggered, claiming to help victims but which only bilked good people out of their money, and thereby created more innocent victims.