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On Consumer Jungle, you can browse through different personal finance topics, play interactive games, participate in many different contests, and even submit an article for the chance to be a featured Student Editor! Consumer Jungle is your website to share stories, ask questions, and find out what you need to know about personal finance.  

Consumer Jungle was originally established in November 1999 as a result of a class action lawsuit against Sears Corporation. To better serve young adults and expand networking opportunities for all financial literacy educators, Consumer Jungle became a part of the Take Charge America Institute (TCAI) in September 2009.  As a result of this merger, www.consumerjungle.org has been transformed into a brand new, youth-oriented website featuring interactive Web 2.0 technologies that provide quality personal finance information.


Who creates and manages the content on Consumer Jungle?
The Take Charge Cats at The University of Arizona are responsible for all the content on Consumer Jungle. They write articles for the site, judge all of the contest entries, vet the games that are featured and much more!


How did Consumer Jungle start?
This web site and all that has gone into creating it is officially dedicated to the memories of the late Sean Moyer and the late Mitzi Ann Pool - two young people, each of whom took their own life when faced with what seemed an overwhelming burden of credit card debt.

"We try everyday to teach our children right from wrong, good from bad, and we try to set good standards for them, only [to have] them leave the nest and face the jungle of the real world," said Mitzi's mother, Trisha Johnson.

Today, though it pains her, Sean's mother, Janne O'Donnell, spends time each month sharing the story of her son's life and death with students at the nearby university. "After I talk about Sean, I'm upset for a couple of days. But still, somebody has got to say something. Something has got to be done, and it doesn't look like the credit card companies are doing it," she said.

At Consumer Jungle, we join in the belief that education is the key to helping young people just like Sean and Mitzi navigate the treacherous terrain of early adulthood. We strive to deliver information that will help them make the right financial decisions in those critical years when they are first venturing out on their own.

From their stories, the Consumer Jungle project was born. Our hopes echo those of Trisha Johnson: "If this site can save a child, let it be."


YACET - Young Adult Consumer Education Trust
Mission: "To promote and foster wise spending habits, financial discipline and fiscal knowledge in young adults."​

The Consumer Jungle curriculum is based on a simple philosophy -- give students the basics of what they need to know in a simple, fun, format. We believe that learning is most effective when students have an opportunity to actively explore their world, gather information about it, and construct their own meaning from the experience. 

In support of this philosophy, Consumer Jungle incorporates a variety of hands-on and problem-based activities. These activities are organized around problems and questions of special interest to today's students. For example, in the Independent Living unit, students assess their readiness to move out on their own. They then develop a personalized plan for obtaining this goal. Because each student's situation is unique, their areas of focus and eventual end products may be quite distinct from each other. However, such activities are often more relevant, engaging, and motivating to students because they are learner-focused and authentic, encourage critical thinking, and develop useful and long-lasting knowledge and skills.


All original Consumer Jungle Lesson Plans, Quizzes, Answer Keys, and other resources for educators are available to download (for a limited time) on Take Charge Today website. Since many of the Consumer Jungle materials are out of date, the Take Charge America Institute is in the process of transferring some of the Consumer Jungle content into the Take Charge Today curriculum (which is updated frequently and tested by educators in the classroom) or is being weaved into the content on the new site. Due to this transition, the old Consumer Jungle materials will be available on the Take Charge Today Website temporarily and then will no longer be available in their current form. TCAI feels that this will be the best way to ensure that you are receiving the most up-to-date curriculum materials.  

In order to download the Consumer Jungle resources, please register HERE to get a Take Charge Today username and password. Already a Take Charge Today user, sign in HERE.


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